Keynote Group Ottawa will develop a close partnership with you, focusing on your strategic issues, search requirements and culture. We will use our expertise in Ottawa Recruiting and Ottawa Job Search to offer you complete confidentiality and a comprehensive service finding Ottawa Jobs. Keynote Ottawa is committed to building a relationship that ensures the successful identification, onboarding and development of the successful individual. Keynote Ottawa specializes in Ottawa staffing and finding Jobs in Ottawa. Our IT jobs Ottawa division additionally finds IT jobs in Toronto, Software Developer jobs in Ottawa, Ottawa jobs for job seekers and Ottawa staffing.

Each employment search is unique and we will tailor our approach to meet your needs.

This summary outlines our standard process for Ottawa employment services:

Stage 1 – Defining Requirements for Ottawa Recruiting Firm
We begin with an organizational and job analysis for jobs in Ottawa. Through consultation with our Ottawa Human Resource Group stakeholders and market research with out IT jobs in Ottawa division, we will develop a position profile, identify the skills and experience required to succeed for this Ottawa job. Each IT job in Ottawa we staff obtains the same recruitment process.

Stage 2 – Attraction of Candidates and IT Consultants
Our Ottawa employment service attracts IT consultants and we develop a long list of prospects best qualified for the role through a combination of search, databases and advertising. Each candidate is eligible for Ottawa coaching and leadership training to suceed in their Ottawa job. On review and screening of interested IT job consultant we will submit shortlisted candidates for consideration. We will conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the skills, competencies and abilities outlined in the position profile. For an Ottawa staffing firm or Ottawa employment agency the attraction of IT consultants in Ottawa is critical to our success

Stage 3 – Selection for Employment Services Ottawa
We will facilitate your interview process through coordination and feedback. On selecting the leading candidate(s) we will conduct thorough background checks and referencing. We will assist in negotiating compensation and other terms to finalize the search.