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In the Ottawa Employment Agency world no time has ever been better for placing IT consultants into Mobile Developer jobs in Ottawa. The latest mobile devices and applications are changing the way we all communicate with one another, conduct our business and access literally everything we want. Businesses and programmers have embraced this innovative technology, making mobile application development jobs in Ottawa one of the most demanded and fastest growing IT careers in Ottawa and allowing Ottawa employment agencies to tap into this lucrative IT consulting business.

At Keynote Group our clients have at times last year asked us to source IT staffing consultants in the mobile developer world, mainly in Android or iOS. However in 2016 the game has changed and we are now being for 10 IT Android or iOS developers at a time for IT contracts in Ottawa on a continuous basis. What is happening to IT jobs in Ottawa?

Many clients still do at times request permanent fulltime time Android or iOS developers for their core base of Ottawa employees. However a change has been happening with the mindset IT staffing contracts in Ottawa and they are on the increase and we mean significantly. Companies cannot seem to keep up with the continuous demand for IT staffing firms to supply Mobile developers for IT contracts in Ottawa.

In our view there are 2 major mobile developer platforms, each with its own core language(s) that IT consultants in Ottawa specialize in:

  • Android and iOS (Apple)

Mobile Application Developer Outlook for Ottawa Staffing firms

The mobile device market in Ottawa and across the country is growing at breakneck speeds. Mobile Application development in Ottawa is growing as fast as the internet did in the early 90’s. This growth is feeding the increased demand for mobile application developers in Ottawa and across Canada and putting a strain on the ability for Ottawa staffing firms to supply these consultants for all the IT staffing jobs in Ottawa. As smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices change the way people communicate, do business, shop and access news & entertainment, the demand for innovative mobile applications will continue to rise as mobile devices become more capable with endless possibilities.

The massive growth of mobile apps is creating permanent employment and contract employment opportunities in Ottawa for both corporate and freelance mobile application developer’s specifically Android developers and iOS developers seeking contract employment. This growth is exponentially increasing the demand for IT contract consultants in Ottawa as companies seek to supplement their core staff with IT contractors to keep up with the demand in Ottawa for mobile application software developers. Most hiring managers and IT recruiters tell us the same thing, the demand for skilled & talented mobile application developers, specifically IT contractors still far exceeds the supply that Ottawa staffing firms can supply. The job market especially in IT contracting in Ottawa for mobile application developers is expected to increase by 25% from 2016 through 2020, creating countless new IT software developer contracts and permanent employment in the Ottawa job market. The majority share of these opportunities will be in Android and iOS application development as these represent close to 90% of all smartphones in circulation in the Canada.

At Keynote Group we have addressed our clients concerns and built a strong and significant, strong bench of IT contractors for both Ottawa employment opportunities and Toronto IT contract opportunities. At any given time our Toronto staffing firm office has been requested to and does supply multiple IT software developers to clients with no hesitation where the job market is significantly higher. As for jobs in Ottawa, the time has never been better for IT contract opportunities and in our opinion will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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