Website is here…. Finally!

James Baker – Managing Partner

Ok, so our old website kind of sucked and you may have been forgiven for wondering what in the world Keynote actually did! Well hopefully the new site, from the awesome team over at Forcefive, will help answer some of those questions. With time more content will be added, amended, deleted and customized, to meet the needs of our clients. We need your help though, if you find things we should address, let us know. Likewise, some positive reinforcement goes a long way, especially on cold Monday mornings in February 😉

Along with our site, we continue to develop our branding and massive thanks to Simon Earl for his great work on our new marketing collateral. If you haven’t seen it yet, send us a note, we’d love to share that with you.

It is amazing how far we have come in 5 months and thank you to everyone for their support and belief in our vision. We are humbled to have been able to positively influence so many organizations in our early development as a business. Here’s to all those existing clients we are proud to work with, and here’s to those who we are hoping will see the light very soon!


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